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Tayside 4x4 Response

Multiple Volunteering Opportunities

Set up in 2010, Tayside 4×4 Response is a group of like-minded 4×4 vehicle enthusiasts who have come together with a common interest.

We aim to provide reliable and effective logistics support to the emergency services, local authorities, and other voluntary groups who attend civil emergencies in our area of coverage when other arrangements are at full stretch.

4×4 Responders
Our responders are at the frontline of our work, they go out in the most treacherous of weather conditions to assist our partner agencies. A cool, calm approach is required and the ability to adapt to changing situations is paramount. We are looking to increase the number of volunteers by approximately 10.

Previously we have relied on responders to cover this role but that takes away from being able to assist when we are needed most. This is a new team within the organisation and these volunteers will run and manage our response and the activities of the responders. They will take the initial phone call asking for assistance, log this onto our system, deal with enquiries and then dispatch the responders. We would be looking to recruit around 6 volunteers.

As a charity we rely on donations and grants, we have ongoing costs and need to ensure that we carry out fundraising throughout the year to cover these costs. We would expect all volunteers to take part in fundraising activities, however, a dedicated team of people who can organise and coordinate fundraising activities would be a great asset to the team.

Social Media, Web and Technology
Like any organisation, we rely on social media, our web page, and our internal systems to be able to function. At the moment we are getting by, but if we could attract one or two volunteers to manage our social media and webpage that would undoubtedly then help the fundraising effort and promote awareness of our charity and the work we do.

We would also be keen to take on a volunteer who is knowledgeable with Microsoft 365 from a developers perspective to help us improve our back-office processes through workflow and automation. If funding and support were available, we would consider the possibility of hiring someone on a temporary basis.

To find out more information, please contact Voluntary Action Angus on 01307 466 113 or email info@voluntaryactionangus.org.uk