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Strathmore Cricket Club

All Stars Leader/Coach

Strathmore Cricket Club has a number of volunteering opportunities to offer to young people and adults working with people of different ages. This opportunity would be suitable for someone with an interest in working with children – in childcare, education or sports development

ALL STARS – All Stars is a programme for 5-8 year-olds. It is designed to provide them with a positive first experience of the sport of cricket. There is a high emphasis on fun and playing simple bat and ball games.
The programme runs for eight weeks and can run at any time of the year. At Strathmore we extend the opportunity to run through-out the year, moving indoors in winter.

All volunteers will receive training appropriate to their role and current skills. They will also be supported by adults, working alongside them. Generally, we negotiate a form of contract with people, which sets out what they are committing to do and what we will offer in the way of support.

Where young people are undertaking their volunteering as part of an award scheme or programme, the cricket club will provide the support and feedback necessary.