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NHS Tayside (Angus)

Public Partners

Would you like to have a say on how local NHS services are developed?

NHS Tayside is looking for a wide range of people who have an interest in their health service to join NHS Tayside Public Partner Network.

What is the Public Partner Network?
The Public Partner Network is made up of members of the public who have an interest in health and health related issues who give freely and willingly of their time to work in partnership with NHS Tayside.
They do not need to have specialist skills, knowledge or experience of health care. Joining the Public Partner Network gives you the opportunity to give your views and opinions to influence decision making.

What do Public Partners do?
Public Partners participate in a range of activities arranged by NHS Tayside, where they are given the opportunity to share their views and contribute to decision making to help develop and improve local
health services. They participate in a wide variety of projects, ranging from reviewing information leaflets
to new developments in service delivery.

Public Partners have the opportunity to:

  • Challenge proposals
  • Contribute to decision making and service
  • Participate in consultations
  • Act as a sounding board for NHS Tayside by giving their views in the development of strategies
    and policies and in the redesign of services
  • Enjoy hearing first hand from the professionals about the wide and varied services NHS Tayside

When do Public Partners get involved?
Public Partners decide how they would like to be involved. You can participate as and when you like in the activities that are of interest to you. You will not be expected to take on any activity that you feel unable to do. The Public Involvement Team will support you in your role as a Public Partner with preparation, training and other opportunities where appropriate. Public Partners can participate in person, online only or a combination of both. Simply receive up to date information about health or
care topics that interest you.

If you want to register or receive more information on how you can become involved, please contact the Public Involvement Team. Contact details are – email: tay.gettinginvolved@nhs.scot, telephone: 01382 424138 or write to us at Public Involvement Tayside NHS Board, NHS Tayside, Freepost SCO 6181.