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Know Your Lemons Foundation

Know Your Lemons Breast Health Educator

As a Know Your Lemons Certified Global Educator, you are the boots on the ground helping us to fulfill our mission by teaching and empowering people in your local community about breast cancer early detection.


  • Be recognized in both your local community and on our website as an integral part of furthering our mission for early detection.
  • Gain professional skills that you can use both in your own profession and with us.
  • Receive feedback and progress reports from us and your students monthly to help you build and improve your classes.
  • Work towards becoming an educator mentor to help others through their journey.
  • Be a part of a global effort to reduce deaths from breast cancer by ⅓ by the year 2030.
  • Help us grow and expand our program by proving ideas, feedback, and recommendations.
  • Connect and grow (and teach) with other educators and build lifelong friendships while helping to save lives.

Key responsibilities:

  • Teach people about breast cancer early detection using our friendly and empowering educational materials.
  • Organize, plan, and recruit students on your own (occasionally, opportunities will arise where we might need an educator for a class and we will reach out.)
  • Be an active participant in the Know Your Lemons community; We are everywhere, even TikTok.
  • Utilize your training and resources to teach education sessions either online or in person (or both!)
  • Promise to be transparent and willing to give us advice on how we can better support you in your efforts to further our mission.
  • Ensure that your friends and family know everything there is to know about early detection before you move on to educating your community. Practice makes perfect!
  • Organizing creative fundraisers to help us fund our mission!


  • Complete the 2-4 hour certification course prior to volunteering (we provide this training to you.)
  • Must be friendly and have a desire to make a difference in their community.
  • Willing to gather your own local resources and do your own due diligence using the tools and resources provided.
  • Know when to ask for help or advice; we’re here to support you!
  • No health or teaching experience necessary!
  • Must be self driven and enthusiastic about our organization and the work we do.
  • Be able to talk about a difficult topic in a fun and relatable way!

Training/support provided:

  • 24/7 communication support via text, email, telephone, social media, or Whatsapp.
  • Powerpoint decks with visuals for both in-person and virtual teaching events (works in any language, any background, any age, any gender).
  • The digital version of the Know Your Lemons® teaching Flipchart & toolkit
  • Two digital games to play: a memory matching game to teach the 12 signs of breast cancer, and a steps for detection game to teach the options available for screening and diagnosis
  • A Know Your Lemons® app that can help those you teach stay on top of their breast health, book mammograms and teach them how to self-exam (and more)
  • A Know Your Lemons® teaching certificate.
  • Access to the Know Your Lemons Global Educator Network, with webinars to exchange best practice and submit update requests
  • Ability to see your contributions as part of a global effort to reduce deaths from breast cancer
  • A welcome kit with lanyard and badge, 250 handout cards, Global Educator window decal, and a sample leaflet.
  • Exclusive access to a password protected page packed full of tools, printables, and social media images.
  • Recognition on our educators page with a KYL color branded headshot and location listed.

Organisation aims and objectives

Our mission is to improve early detection for breast cancer worldwide through creative and empowering education. As of 2020, we have reached 1 billion people online because our #knowyourlemons campaign is something people love to look at and share. We have helped women discover the change on their breast was a potential symptom and helped save their life with that powerful knowledge. Our vision is a world where women and men feel empowered with knowledge and confidence to report breast changes and participate when screening is available. These two actions will improve breast health and reduce deaths from the disease.


  • Experience required: No health or teaching experience necessary. We train!
  • Minimum age: 18


  • Training details: We provide a 2-4 hour training class. Once complete, volunteers are certified and receive a certificate. They are then given access to tools and resources to help them. We are always adding how-to videos and answering questions from our volunteers. We provide 24/7 support for volunteers.