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Got a project?

The Charitable Purpose of Glamis and Area Community Trust are to support local community project and initiative applications for the fair and even disbursal of Ark Hill Wind Farm windfall revenue scheme funds within the boundaries of Glamis Community Council, which advance:

  1. citizenship and community benefit;
  2. the arts, culture, heritage or science;
  3. the provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended; and
  4. environmental protection or improvement

Glamis and Area Community Trust can fund up to 50% of total project costs up to a maximum of £1,000 in any calendar year although the Trustees may in exceptional circumstances consider a larger grant.

To be eligible for funding, you must:

  • be based in the Glamis Community Council area
  • be an organisation or group

To apply, you must use the application form.

Dates for submission

There are three funding rounds per year. You should apply by the following dates:

  • 31st March
  • 31st July
  • 30th November

We will tell you approximately within six weeks if your application has been successful.