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Scottish Bus Week

23rd May - 29th May

Scottish Bus Week will be an opportunity to celebrate all that bus can do for us, raise awareness about all the benefits of bus – and to acknowledge and thank all those who work in bus for continuing to keep communities connected, especially through such difficult times.

It is a chance to promote and support bus as a solution to reduce emissions, improve health, reduce congestion, sustain jobs in manufacturing low and zero emission buses, running services, and to realise a fairer transport system.

Everyone can get involved and engage with Scottish Bus Week – encouraging staff and volunteers to #ChooseBus and sharing leadership by tagging #ScottishBusWeek when they do or sharing reasons to #ChooseBus or #lovemybus in social media posts throughout the week.

The #lovemybus team will be out and about across Scotland, on and off buses, throughout the week and would love to connect with those supporting active travel and promoting sustainable transport in their own community!

  • Please find more information and materials to promote Scottish Bus Week here.
  • If you would like posters or flyers or goodies for your group, campus or workplace to encourage and acknowledge efforts to #ChooseBus – let us know via the form on the webpage (or by email) and we can get those sent out to you.
  • For those connected to Schools or Youth Groups – there is a free #lovemybus package sharing benefits of bus including a presentation with games and activities available for download here.
  • If you would like to join the conversation about realising the potential of bus online at the Scottish Bus Summit on Wednesday 25th May, please get in touch with us at champion@transform.scot or email me directly on jess.pepper@transform.scot

Thank you for your support for #ScottishBusWeek – an initiative from #lovemybus at Transform Scotland, supported by Smarter Choice Smarter Places and delivered in partnership with CPT Scotland.