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Health and Reshaping Care

An aging population provides enormous opportunities for elderly people to contribute to their local communities as well as volunteer. VAAs work on the elderly care agenda will always be positive and geared towards collaborative advantage through working with other partners. The fundamental principles underpinning our strategy on elderly care are based on empowering communities to care and supporting the development of decision making and delivery towards locality models.

The third sector provides a wide range of support to elderly people with many new and long established organisations delivering important services across Angus.

VAA will help build the capacity of the third sector and ensure our sector is vibrant, adaptive and coherent.

VAA is the leadership organisation for helping organisations in respect of health and social care integration and Self Directed Support. VAA supports the third sector collaborative, provides training and support with tendering and is the only local organisation which provides guidance on a day to day basis. For further information about SDS and health and social care integration please email

Arts for Life

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