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Police Scotland – Tayside Division are looking to recruit Special constables.

With a long and impressive history the Special Constabulary is a part time, voluntary body consisting of officers with similar powers to that of a police office, as a special constable you will work alongside police officers – forging strong partnerships in the community, patrolling street, preventing crime and interacting with all kinds of people to help keep your community safe.  The role is demanding and diverse, you could be doing anything from policing a football match to assisting at a road accident.  Special constables also police major sporting and public events and provide an excellent bridge between the Police service and the public, representing both the community within the police service and the police service within local communities.

Special constables come from all walks of life and the role can suit those who are able to commit the time to volunteer, alongside their own paid employment.  This can also be a way to gain experience in the role for those who are considering the Police as a future career.

A good all around education, be of good character, ability to keep a clear head even in the most challenging times. This is a role where who you are is so much more important than where you are from or what your qualifications are.  Whats really important is to bring commitment, enthusiasm, common sense, confidence, a mature approach and great interpersonal skills.

Must be 17.5 years old to apply, but 18 to actually join, there is no upper age limit but all applicants must be fit to carry out the role of constable and pass the entry requirements, once an officer reaches 60 years of age, they will have to reapply as a special annually. 
Three intakes per year. One in Feb/Mar, one in June or July and 1 in Aug/Sep. Training is usually three weekends in Baluniefield, Dundee followed by a week residential at Tulliallan where there will be a final examination & a swearing in ceremony which family can attend. The training may format of a three week residential course and this may suit those who can arrange time off work.

All applications online on www.scotland.police.uk

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