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Address: 16 Wellington St, Montrose
DD10 8QD
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Since 1921 we have stood for and provided support to veterans and their families.

When servicemen and women return to civilian life after serving with the Armed Forces some are in need of community and friendship, maybe as a result of their experiences in the services or purely because they are no longer part of the ‘military family’ they had come to rely. We make a difference every day to the lives of those veterans through our comradeship and befriending programme, developing strong communities and supporting remembrance.

Our large family network is spread across Scotland and helps support veterans and their families to get on with their lives and assists those who require assistance.

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Business Phone Number: 01674 672406
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Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd
Address: 1 North Grimsby, Arbroath
DD11 1NU
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A leading housing provider…
Established in 1967, Hillcrest Housing Association is one of Scotland’s largest housing associations.

We have over 6000 good quality homes at affordable rents across Dundee, Edinburgh, Angus, Perthshire and Fife.

We aim to foster positive communities and improve the lives of our tenants and customers.
A proud parent…
Much more than a traditional housing association, Hillcrest Housing Association is the parent of a group of companies who provide care, social enterprises, skills, training and employment opportunities.

The Hillcrest Group of Companies are:

Hillcrest Housing Association
Gowrie Care
Hillcrest Enterprises
Hillcrest Maintenance Services
Northern Housing Company

A diverse and growing team…
We have HR, IT, communications and media, learning and development, tenant participation, energy efficiency, improvements, and health and safety and risk management teams working across the Group providing services and support to subsidiary companies.

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Business Phone Number: 0300 123 2640
Address: Dudhope Community Centre
3-5 St Mary Place
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It has been recognised that ageing could lead to bad habits and isolation as people are getting less active when retiring.

Lunch is made freshly and according to the need of the 50+ audience and paying particular importance to low fat and salt diet. This is one of our most famous activity, encouraging people to come out of their house and meet others in a friendly environment.

Lunches are coupled with physical activities such as Chi Gong and table tennis.

Tuesday 12:45 pm– 2:00 pm (£3.50 for members, £4:00 for non-members)

Business Phone Number: 01382 220023
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Address: Kirkton Library
8 Emmock Place
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Welcome to your local library!
Every library offers free Wi-Fi and PC internet facilities.
Membership is free and each location has a large selection of books available to borrow. Family activities and reading groups run in a number of Community Libraries where information and digital support is also available.
Pop in and ask us about the services we offer.

Business Phone Number: 01382 436326
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Well Bean Cafés


Tuesdays 12-2pm

St Johns Church Hall Green Street Forfar

Thursdays 2.30-4.30pm

Montrose South Church Hall 100 Castle Street Montrose

Locality: Montrose and Forfar

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Community cafés offering safe, alcohol and drug free venues to meet and socialise. Health, wellbeing and recovery are promoted and there is access to self-help resources and professionals from local services. Volunteering opportunities are available for people in recovery who are keen to provide peer support to others and learn new skills.

Website Address –

Facebook – Well Bean Café

Phone Number – 01307 476492/07920 8305

Address: Central Library
The Wellgate
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The Connections Suite offers a range of materials to support those with additional needs or sensory impairments. This includes Makaton and British Sign Language materials as well as information and resources to support reminiscence sessions and activities.

Address: Safe and Sound Project
21 Dock Street
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Many families experience challenging times, which may lead to young people becoming homeless or leaving home too soon. Safe and Sound is a free and confidential service run jointly by Relationships Scotland Family Mediation Tayside and Fife and Shelter Scotland with the aim of strengthening relationships between young people and their families. Family Mediators offer support to parents and young people who may be experiencing conflict. Initial confidential chats are offered in order for workers to get a good understanding of the needs of individual family members. Family mediation and conflict mentoring are part of a range of one to one support available to help to make practical, workable arrangements for the future, taking into account the views, needs and feelings of everyone involved.

Shelter Scotland provides a confidential service offering emotional and practical support to young people to help enable them to have safe housing. We take a client centred approach that empowers young people to take full responsibility for their choices. Shelter is a flexible service where young people are seen as often as they feel necessary. We draw on the GIRFEC policy and use the SHANARRI indicators to help identify young people’s needs in order for our project workers to support them in the best way possible. We encourage young people to remain at home, where possible but if this cannot happen we offer on going support to both help them secure and maintain a tenancy.

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Business Phone Number: 01382 201343
Address: 1 Victoria Road
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Appointments can be made for any time or place which suits a young person best and if they wish, they can be accompanied by a person of their choosing; it is important that they feel comfortable.

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Business Phone Number: 0800 731 40 80
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The Royal British Legion Forfar
Address: 1 Academy St
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Since 1921 we have stood for and provided support to veterans and their families.

When servicemen and women return to civilian life after serving with the Armed Forces some are in need of community and friendship, maybe as a result of their experiences in the services or purely because they are no longer part of the ‘military family’ they had come to rely. We make a difference every day to the lives of those veterans through our comradeship and befriending programme, developing strong communities and supporting remembrance.

Our large family network is spread across Scotland and helps support veterans and their families to get on with their lives and assists those who require assistance.

Business Phone Number: 01307 463204
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The Glenloch Centre is based at Whitehills Health and Community Care Centre (WHCCC), Forfar.


The Glenloch Centre is registered with the Care Inspectorate.  We were inspected on 21 July 2016.  Our report is accessible online at


The Glenloch Centre supports people with a physical disability through a range of activities to develop, regain, adapt or maintain their skills so they can live safely in their home.  We can work with people either at the Centre or in their own home/ community setting.


For example, we may be able to support people to:


Increase their mobility
Develop their confidence whilst cooking
Develop their skills in the use of computers/ IT solutions
Develop their confidence and skills in using public transport
Develop their confidence and skills in accessing the community setting


The service enables people to set their own individual short and long term goals that are relevant to them in meeting their needs. Other services can also be contacted that might support people achieving their goals. We ensure appropriate consideration is given to how we will meet the support needs of people receiving a service including their social; cultural and spiritual needs.




Who can use the Service?

People aged 16 and over living in Angus
People who are recovering following illness or injury that has resulted in significant impact on their ability to resume former levels of activity or independence either in their home and/ or community setting.
People with a need to develop, adapt or maintain daily living skills to help them to live more independently in their home and/ or community.
People who have a long term condition (deteriorating) who are committed to improving or maintaining their functional abilities to support them living safely at home.


How do people get referred to the Glenloch Centre?

People can refer themselves to the Glenloch Centre by phoning us or by completing the referral form available on the Angus Council website (  Social Work staff, NHS staff or GPs can also refer people by completing a referral form. If the individual does not have an active care management worker they will need to be referred to the local team prior to being offered a place at the Glenloch Centre. This will determine whether they are eligible for assistance to meet the cost of receiving a service from the Glenloch Centre.


Following referral to the service a member of staff will make contact with the referred person and arrange to visit them at home or for them to attend the Centre. They will discuss the reason for the referral and gather information about the person and what they want to achieve through attending. This will support staff determining whether the Glenloch Centre can provide them with a service or not.


A support plan will be developed and staff will also hold reviews to ensure the referred person and their carer(s) are happy with the service.


Is there are charge for receiving the Glenloch Service?

There is a charge for receiving a service from the Glenloch Centre. We will discuss these with the person as they are subject to changes.  The person may be entitled to assistance in meeting the cost of the service charge and a financial assessment may need completed.


If the person declines a financial assessment they will pay the full cost of the session they require. They must still have an assessment by care management.


If you would like to visit the centre or speak to someone about the Glenloch Centre, please contact us on (01307) 475111.


A couple of stories from people who have attended the Centre:



Margaret, 43, was referred to the Glenloch Centre by her Speech and Language Therapist due to difficulties with her memory and speech.  Margaret had low confidence and relied on her husband for most things. Margaret initially was reluctant to communicate especially within a group environment.  She was often upset and worried what others thought of her. On a one to one basis, we supported Margaret with her communication through the practical activity of jewellery making as this was an area of interest. We followed the guidance of the Speech and Language Therapist and involved them in Margaret’s reviews. We encouraged Margaret to name words, describe words/ actions she was undertaking and over time she developed confidence in her communication. She was able to chat with peers and make telephone calls as she had stopped doing this. At her final review Margaret advised “I’m very thankful and grateful for the experience. I focus on what I can do and not what I can’t do. I do more chores at home now because I’m more confident.  I have more confidence to make phonecalls, I attended a work reunion and hope to sell my jewellery at a car boot sale”.



Jean, 78, was referred to the Glenloch centre by her social work care manager. At the time of the referral Jean was temporarily living in a care home setting awaiting the offer of more suitable housing as it had been deemed unsuitable for her to return to her own home.  We agreed to support Jean through attendance at Glenloch to assess her needs and requirements for her new accommodation (in conjunction with Occupational Therapists) and her ability to undertake meal provision tasks.  Jean also wanted to be more independent and involvement and advice from Physiotherapy was sought.  A number of exercises were provided and Jean received the support she required to do these.  Through time Jean was also able to reduce the level of care/ assistance she required when she moved into supported housing accommodation.  Jean was very motivated and had a strong “can do” approach.  This determination came across very positively although Jean remained realistic about what the future might hold for her.  



David, 58, was referred to the Glenloch Centre due to difficulties he was experiencing following a stroke. David lacked confidence in his abilities and he felt his mobility was now very slow.  David was also low in mood and was struggling to identify any positives in his life.


We supported David in relation to his mobility.  We liaised with physiotherapy and supported David with the exercises he was provided with. Within his initial 6 weeks David’s mobility improved which in turn increased his motivation to do more.   David has also been able to return to his hobby of bowling due to the improvements in his mobility and confidence.  The bowling club were successful in getting an adapted wheelchair allowing him to sit whilst bowling on the green.





Colin was diagnosed with a permanent long term condition in his early 50s. He is a permanent wheelchair user and relies on his wife, family and carers to meet his needs.  Although Colin’s home is suitable for him he spends a lot of time in his own home and can feel isolated as a result. Colin enjoys attending the centre once a week as he is able to socialise with people and maintain his skills. It was also important for Colin and his wife that he feels safe whilst he is away from his home and through attending the centre they are both reassured that the facilities within the centre are suitable for Colin.




Business Phone Number: 01307 475111
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Generations Working Together
Long Business Description:

Generations Working Together provides information, delivers support and encourages involvement to benefit all of Scotland’s generations, by working, learning, volunteering and living together.

That all generations in Scotland will work together to create a better and fairer country for all.
Our equality and cohesion fund project outcomes for July 2016 – June 2017 include:

Organisations, including those working with protected characteristics age, disability & race develop knowledge, understanding and projects that use intergenerational approaches to challenge ageism and discrimination and promote the inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds.
People within protected characteristics groups (age, disability and race) experience a reduction in discrimination, loneliness and isolation and barriers to connecting to other generations. They are more included in their communities and acknowledged for their contributions.
National organisations, local authorities, national public agencies and organisations have an increased awareness, adopt and embed intergenerational approaches to address the challenges of our ageing society and promote positive images of all older and younger people

Organisational outcomes for 2015-2020

Young and older people are more respected and included in their communities and as consequence enjoy enhanced health and wellbeing.
People at local, regional and national levels understand intergenerational approaches and integrate this into practice and policy to create positive change.
GWT is the nationally recognised centre of excellence, supporting the integration of intergenerational work across Scotland.

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Address: 110 Restenneth Drive, Forfar, Angus
Long Business Description:

STRIDE is a registered charity (SC044225) which aims to relieve poverty and alleviate suffering of African people in Angus and Dundee city, Scotland and the wider UK.

STRIDE organises and coordinates events aimed at bringing together both African people and other people in the local neighbourhoods in planning on things like local community engagement activities, gardening activities, helping young people with career choices, signposting Africans to other agencies for support with problems such as abuse, gender-based violence, mental health and other social/economic problems.

STRIDE predominantly works in Angus and Dundee city councils.

Social isolation and loneliness are major causes of mental health problems and other anti-social problems amongst inter-generational African people in Angus and Dundee city. Due to their migratory pattern, some African families are isolated due to lack of extended families for support and lack of a community project to bring them together.

Business Phone Number: +447824825612
Long Business Description:

The four Family Support Teams provide services for children, young people and their families aged 0-16 years, providing a range of early intervention services on an individual and group work basis.  Services are provided depending on the needs of each child and family.



Child and Family Centre

East Mary Street


DD11 1PR

01241 870163



Carnoustie Access Office

26 High Street



03452 777 778



Fairlie House




01575 576970



Broomfield Resource Centre

Broomfield Road


DD10 8SY

01674 678509

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis Scotland (PMR-GCA Scotland)
Address: 7 Hamilton Place

Long Business Description:

Through the website, Helpline and Support Group meetings the charity offers information, help and support throughout Scotland to those with PMR and/or GCA, and to their family and friends. For those in Angus, Dundee, Perth and Fife the nearest Support Group meets for a cuppa and a chat on the third Tuesday of each month at 11am in the hall of St. Mary’s Church in the Overgate, Dundee.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 0300 777 5090
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South Angus Parents of Adults with Learning Disabilities
Address: C/o 14 Collier Street
Long Business Description:

SAPALD was given charitable status in 2016. It was established to ensure the provision of residential respite and residential accommodation for adults with learning disabilities in the South West locality of Angus – Carnoustie and Monifieth. We work with the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) to theses ends. We also carry out fundraising to provide trips and events for the member’s families. We are members of the Angus Carers Centre, and have representation on the Integrated Joint Board of the AHSCP. We hold open meetings for members and associates twice a year and provide mentoring, advice and guidance for families with adults with learning disabilities. Application forms for free family and associate membership are available on our website or via email

Business Website Address:
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Scottish Health Council Tayside (Karen, Claire & Denise)
Long Business Description:

The Scottish Health Council promotes and supports patient, carer and community involvement with health and social care providers, to help shape how services are provided. This includes raising awareness of the spectrum of different ways in which people can give feedback, share views, raise concerns and use experiences to influence change and development. We also deliver free Voices Scotland Workshops for community/voluntary groups and health and social care staff, to help professionals and communities work together so that health and social care services work for everyone.

If you would like us to come and speak to your community or group or deliver a workshop, please contact us in the Tayside office either by telephone on 01382 740074 ext 71413 or by email to For more information about us see our website:

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Victim Support Angus
Address: Victim Support Angus
1st Floor Merrin House
50 East Abbey Street
DD11 1EN
Long Business Description:

Victim Support provides free and confidential practical and emotional support and advice for anyone who has been affected by crime.  Victim Support has a community service for victims and anyone affected by crime and also a Witness Service who provide support to all witnesses in court.

Business Phone Number: 01241 878507
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Address: Sense Scotland, 43 Middlesex Street, Kinning Park

G41 1EE
Long Business Description:

With over 30 years experience supporting disabled people and their families, find out how we can support you – whether it’s a few hours a day or helping you live in your own home.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 0300 330 9292
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Address: Ms Paula Mcfadyen, Room 3010, East Day Home, Kings Cross, Clepington Road

Long Business Description:

To raise awareness through information and education and provide training to care providers and health professionals involved in the care of those affected by Huntington’s Disease.To provide specialist information, confidential advice, practical help and emotional support to anyone affected by Huntington’s Disease, their families and their carers. We work in close liaison with health authorities, social services and other statutory and voluntary agencies.

Business Phone Number: 01382 424172
Address: Number Ten 10 Constitution Road

Long Business Description:

NESS, an independent local charity and the first integrated joint sensory service in Scotland, delivers information, equipment and support.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 07713 711772
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