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Highland Division (Ross Bequest) Fund
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This website was originally commissioned and funded in 2007 by The Highland Division (Ross Bequest) Fund. The Trustees recognised that, in addition to the splendid sculptures and memorials that exist to commemorate the exploits of the Division, there was a pressing requirement to make the Division’s history more accessible and, in so doing, they hoped to create a living and educational memorial.

In 2018 the Trustees of The Highland Division (Ross Bequest) Fund arranged for ownership of the website to be handed over to The Museum of The Royal Regiment of Scotland. The official transfer of ownership will take effect as of the 1st January 2019.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland is fiercely proud of a history which extends back to 1633 and it continues to maintain important golden-thread links with its antecedent regiments, many of whom served in the 51st Highland Division. The Regiment very much sees itself as one of the key custodians of the martial history of the military in Scotland and taking on the stewardship of this website through its/our museum is another step in securing the Nation’s military heritage for future generations.

The aim of the website will remain unaffected – to capture, present and preserve the glorious history of the Division as a dynamic and enduring memorial.

We are extremely grateful to the many Museums, Regiments, other institutions, and a large number of private individuals who have so generously provided a wealth of information, photographs and documents. We have attempted to credit each individual or organisation alongside content where appropriate (within ‘supporting information’ etc.) and have included details of our main benefactors on a credits page.

We must also pay tribute to the website designers, whose design and technical advice have been invaluable, and to our historian, Brigadier (Ret’d) C S Grant OBE without whose wealth of knowledge, passion for the subject, and immense hard work we would not be able to bring this site to you.

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Address: Waldron Road,
DD10 9BD
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The Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre aims to show the human side of the Air Stations past with a collection of contemporary photographs, artefacts and memorabilia. These not only tell of the history of the airfield but also the story of the men and women who served there and those who lived in the area. The Heritage Centre ensures that future generations will remember their service.

We are an independent, fully accredited, museum run entirely by volunteers and in 2014 we were proud to receive The Queens Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award for volunteer groups in the UK.

Business Website Address: http://rafmontrose.org.uk
Business Phone Number: 01674 678 222
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Montrose Heritage Trust Bamse Project
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This is the tale of Bamse, the huge St. Bernard dog who lived during the 2nd World War. Bamse was owned by Captain Hafto of the Norwegian Navy, and went to sea with him on the minesweeper Thorodd during the war. He achieved legendary status in Montrose, Scotland, where the Thorodd was stationed, as tales of his adventures, courage and kindness spread.

The Bamse story was brought to the attention of the Montrose Heritage Trust by Mrs Henny King. As a member of the Montrose Port Authority board she first heard about some of the exploits of this huge St. Bernard dog during the Second World War from Captain Johansen, the then harbour master.

With the dog having died and been buried in the town she felt that even the few details that had been recounted made a wonderful story that would be excellent publicity for Montrose.

Bamse is somewhat of a legend in his native country Norway, but none of us were quite prepared for the wealth of information that would be uncovered or the huge interest that the project generated both here and in Norway and Canada.

In 2008 a book on Bamse, ‘Sea Dog Bamse’, was published by Birlinn. Written by Angus Whitson and Andrew Orr, the Bamse stories are set against the background of the invasion of Norway and the escape of many to the UK. It’s a great read and already over 4000 copies have been sold all over the world.

Business Website Address: http://www.bamsemontrose.co.uk/
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Address: Panmure Pl
DD10 8HF
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In 1841 the Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society realised that its lodgings in part of one of the town’s schools was fast being outgrown by its collection of geology, natural history, ethnography, fine art and the hundreds of other items that might find themselves in a typical Victorian collection. A fund was begun, and the museum opened 1842 making it one of the first purpose built museums in Scotland.

The museum is designed to look like a true ‘temple of learning’, with Ionic columns on either side of the doorway and ‘museum’ written above the lintel in elegant gold relief. Inside the beautiful neo-classical building a series of displays are housed in the spacious atrium, mezzanine and galleries charting the life of the town and art of its people.

It is now part of Angus Council’s museum service and the displays and collection have evolved from the eclectic wonder-shop that it was in the nineteenth century whilst retaining the atmosphere of a traditional museum. It is now very firmly locked in the heart of the community.

The visitor moves through the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, to the decorated stones that are the remains of the Pictish civilisation of Circhen, now Angus. The life of the busy burgh is revealed, its trade, religion and industry including the famous Montrose Silver and Dryleys pottery. The collection also includes objects illustrating events in the broader history of Scotland; the Marquis of Montrose, his role as both a Covenanter and Royalist, the role of Montrose in the Jacobite uprising and the history of the local militia. The Maritime Gallery has a superb fleet of model shipping, scrimshaws, whalebone items, flensing tools, harpoons and other relics of the once thriving East Coast whaling industry.

The museum also houses an art gallery with a lively programme of changing exhibitions from the museum’s collection of paintings and sculptures by local artists such as William Lamb, Edward Baird and George Paul Chalmers, and from local community groups. There are also a series of afternoon talks, children’s activities and occasional evening events.

Business Phone Number: 01674 907447
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Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society
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The Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society is based at Montrose Museum and was formed in 1836, making it the second oldest Antiquarian Society in Scotland. It provides a focal point for those interested in the local history, archaeology, and the natural world of Montrose and the surrounding area. The main activity for the Society centres around a series of talks that take place on the second Tuesday of every month between September and April. These talks are open to all, not just to our members. To see the full programme of talks for the season, please click on Programme above.

Membership is open to anyone, the annual subscription being £15.00 which entitles the member free entry to all eight monthly meetings. Meetings are held in Montrose Museum at 7:30 pm. Visitors are welcome at £3.00 per meeting. School-age children are admitted free. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about joining.

Business Website Address: http://montrosehistory.com/
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Tayside, on the East Coast of Scotland, has a rich maritime heritage. Trade with Baltic ports goes back five centuries and the port records of Dundee are some of the oldest in Europe. Many whalers sailed from Dundee and whalers rescued Scott’s ship, Discovery, built in Dundee, when it stuck in Antarctic ice.
Arbroath built an industry exporting barrels of herring to Königsberg and the town’s fishy delicacy, the Arbroath Smokie is still sent worldwide. Through Arbroath harbour stones were shipped from Carmyllie quarry for the Forth Rail Bridge and Cologne Cathedral. Auchmithie, a small fishing village, and like Arbroath, used as a setting in Sir Walter Scott’s ‘The Antiquary’, exported some fisherfolk to Arbroath resulting in a famous court case.

Richard Clark, who commanded the 5 Swedish ships which captured Riga in 1612, was the founder of the Swedish noble family of Klerck. From further down the coast, in Inverkeithing, comes Admiral Greig, a Russian naval hero who led Catherine the Great’s navy and is buried in Tallinn.

TAMH, is a virtual museum telling these and many other stories of Tayside’s maritime past.

Many of the photographs used on this site were provided by the Arbroath Herald.

Business Website Address: http://www.dmcsoft.com/tamh/
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Address: Verdant Works
West Henderson Wynd
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Verdant Works is a world class visitor attraction which tells the story of Dundee’s industrial textile heritage in the atmospheric setting of a beautifully refurbished Mill building. Hear the tales of the mill workers, see how they lived and worked in an industry which enveloped Dundee. Explore this amazing building, see (and hear) the machines at work, and step back to a time where the Mills were the heart of Dundee.

Business Website Address: https://www.verdantworks.com/
Business Phone Number: 01382 309060
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Address: East and Old Parish Church
East High Street
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First Thursday of the month, October to May, at 7.30pm (Except January).


To further interest in the local historical

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Dedicated to contemporary art and ideas, Hospitalfield is a place to work, study, learn, visit and enjoy. An historic artist’s house in Arbroath, we hosting artists’ residencies and study groups, exhibitions and events.

Volunteers are vital to the work that we do at Hospitalfield, bringing skills, knowledge and enthusiasm and providing their time with the greatest generosity. Activities include gardening, walking groups, history and heritage, collections care, events and exhibitions. We welcome people from all walks of life to take part and there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Business Website Address: http://www,hospitalfield.org.uk