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Montrose Heritage Trust Bamse Project
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This is the tale of Bamse, the huge St. Bernard dog who lived during the 2nd World War. Bamse was owned by Captain Hafto of the Norwegian Navy, and went to sea with him on the minesweeper Thorodd during the war. He achieved legendary status in Montrose, Scotland, where the Thorodd was stationed, as tales of his adventures, courage and kindness spread.

The Bamse story was brought to the attention of the Montrose Heritage Trust by Mrs Henny King. As a member of the Montrose Port Authority board she first heard about some of the exploits of this huge St. Bernard dog during the Second World War from Captain Johansen, the then harbour master.

With the dog having died and been buried in the town she felt that even the few details that had been recounted made a wonderful story that would be excellent publicity for Montrose.

Bamse is somewhat of a legend in his native country Norway, but none of us were quite prepared for the wealth of information that would be uncovered or the huge interest that the project generated both here and in Norway and Canada.

In 2008 a book on Bamse, ‘Sea Dog Bamse’, was published by Birlinn. Written by Angus Whitson and Andrew Orr, the Bamse stories are set against the background of the invasion of Norway and the escape of many to the UK. It’s a great read and already over 4000 copies have been sold all over the world.

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Address: Montrose Library, High Street, Montrose
DD10 8PH
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Our stunningly refurbished Montrose Library is a beautiful Carnegie building with plenty of character. It has a fantastic service which offers a varied programme of timetabled activities, a children’s area and IT suite.  If you are visiting the area then Montrose Library team will be able to help you by highlighting points of interest and activities across Angus. For those wishing to research more about Montrose, the library also holds a comprehensive collection of historical resources about the local area.

Business Phone Number: 01674 907474
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Address: Panmure Pl
DD10 8HF
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In 1841 the Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society realised that its lodgings in part of one of the town’s schools was fast being outgrown by its collection of geology, natural history, ethnography, fine art and the hundreds of other items that might find themselves in a typical Victorian collection. A fund was begun, and the museum opened 1842 making it one of the first purpose built museums in Scotland.

The museum is designed to look like a true ‘temple of learning’, with Ionic columns on either side of the doorway and ‘museum’ written above the lintel in elegant gold relief. Inside the beautiful neo-classical building a series of displays are housed in the spacious atrium, mezzanine and galleries charting the life of the town and art of its people.

It is now part of Angus Council’s museum service and the displays and collection have evolved from the eclectic wonder-shop that it was in the nineteenth century whilst retaining the atmosphere of a traditional museum. It is now very firmly locked in the heart of the community.

The visitor moves through the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, to the decorated stones that are the remains of the Pictish civilisation of Circhen, now Angus. The life of the busy burgh is revealed, its trade, religion and industry including the famous Montrose Silver and Dryleys pottery. The collection also includes objects illustrating events in the broader history of Scotland; the Marquis of Montrose, his role as both a Covenanter and Royalist, the role of Montrose in the Jacobite uprising and the history of the local militia. The Maritime Gallery has a superb fleet of model shipping, scrimshaws, whalebone items, flensing tools, harpoons and other relics of the once thriving East Coast whaling industry.

The museum also houses an art gallery with a lively programme of changing exhibitions from the museum’s collection of paintings and sculptures by local artists such as William Lamb, Edward Baird and George Paul Chalmers, and from local community groups. There are also a series of afternoon talks, children’s activities and occasional evening events.

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Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society
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The Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society is based at Montrose Museum and was formed in 1836, making it the second oldest Antiquarian Society in Scotland. It provides a focal point for those interested in the local history, archaeology, and the natural world of Montrose and the surrounding area. The main activity for the Society centres around a series of talks that take place on the second Tuesday of every month between September and April. These talks are open to all, not just to our members. To see the full programme of talks for the season, please click on Programme above.

Membership is open to anyone, the annual subscription being £15.00 which entitles the member free entry to all eight monthly meetings. Meetings are held in Montrose Museum at 7:30 pm. Visitors are welcome at £3.00 per meeting. School-age children are admitted free. Please contact us if you wish to find out more about joining.

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You can get support with Universal Credit at;

Montrose Job Centre

Montrose Library

Montrose Office

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Relationships Scotland FM Tayside and Fife
Address: 4 Dudhope Terrace, Dundee
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Primarily offering appointments in Arbroath, Montrose and Forfar but cover the whole of Angus and Dundee, too.


Family Mediation

Many families experience challenging times. Conflict is a part of life and it can arise for a number of reasons. Mediation can be helpful in any family situation where there is a problem or conflict that family members aren’t able to resolve, especially if those involved are struggling to talk to each other and can’t seem to find a good way forward. Specifically, if you are separating, getting a divorce, or dissolving a civil partnership or if you have been bringing up your children with an ex-partner you may be finding it difficult to manage all the practical arrangements around the care of the children. This can be very difficult if you are feeling hurt, confused or angry.  Family mediators can help here as they are specially trained to support separated parents or any family members deal constructively with things such as:

improving clear communication between parties
reducing/resolving conflict
wider family issues causing a fall-out
contact arrangements for the children
financial and property matters in relation to separation or divorce


Child Contact Centres (operating in Arbroath)

As long as it is safe, children benefit from having as many loving and supportive family relationships as possible and especially their parents.  Some parents can find it very difficult to agree how their children should share their time between them, for a variety of reasons. Parents can have real difficulty trusting each other, communicating and agreeing arrangements and conflict can be high. In some cases there may be risks concerning the welfare of the children.


Child Contact Centres are similar to a nursery/after school care setting in that they are safe, child friendly, staffed and neutral places. There are certain rules that apply which all focus on the children who use the centres, and are for their benefit. The difference is that child contact centres are places where children can spend time with a parent or any other family member (for example siblings or grandparents) where otherwise this would not be possible.


Counselling and Therapies (in Dundee)

Counselling helps children and young people talk about their thoughts and feelings about changes they may be experiencing in their life due to parental separation, divorce, moving into/living in a blended family or any other family relationship issues. We offer confidential appointments to 8 to 18 year olds whose parents do not, or no longer live together or where the child lives in a blended family. Our focus is on the family transition or parental relationship difficulties impacting on the child or young person.


Relationship Counselling is available to adults (couples or individuals) who experience relationship problems and would like to understand themselves better or work alongside their partner to jointly explore any difficulties they may be experiencing.


Having an active healthy sex life is important in most intimate relationships. Sexual Relationship Therapy offers help with sexual difficulties in our relationships. It is offered to individuals as well as couples, in opposite or same sex relationships who have concerns about or are experiencing a sexual difficulty.


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Address: Hospital Road, Hillside, Montrose
DD10 9JH
Business Phone Number: 01674 907521
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Address: Hill Place, Montrose
DD10 8BP
Business Phone Number: 01674 907535
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Address: Blackfriars Street, Montrose
DD10 8LL
Business Phone Number: 01674 907527
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Address: 16 Wellington St, Montrose
DD10 8QD
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Since 1921 we have stood for and provided support to veterans and their families.

When servicemen and women return to civilian life after serving with the Armed Forces some are in need of community and friendship, maybe as a result of their experiences in the services or purely because they are no longer part of the ‘military family’ they had come to rely. We make a difference every day to the lives of those veterans through our comradeship and befriending programme, developing strong communities and supporting remembrance.

Our large family network is spread across Scotland and helps support veterans and their families to get on with their lives and assists those who require assistance.

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Business Phone Number: 01674 672406
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Angus Community Sport Hub Montrose
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“Bringing local communities together through a sporting chance!”
“Sport for all”

About us
We are a number of sports clubs and voluntary organisations working together to promote our sports, physical activity, youth projects, diversionary activities, health and well being for everyone in Montrose.

We look to offer specialist expertise and advice in the sports that we offer to develop sporting talent, as well as opportunities for all to take part in sport at all levels and age groups.

We also look to offer specialist expertise and advice at the recreational activities that we offer at the youth groups and look to run a number of community events to bring the local community closer together.
Our Vision
As Montrose Community Sport Hub we aim to be a constant provider of sport for all individuals looking to participate, coach and/or volunteer.

We aim to reach our overall vision through the following aims:

support a range of sporting opportunities to the community
promote community engagement and leadership
provide training and education opportunities
develop an integrated approach led by local partners/clubs
support self sustainable sports clubs/organisations

Progress so far
Holding an Adult Open day on Saturday 23 April and looking to run a Summer Friday Night Project.
For more information about the work of the community sport hub or to join please email or telephone 01307 492340.

Business Phone Number: 01307 492340
Dundee and Angus College Montrose Learning Centre
Address: 62 North Esk Road
DD10 8TG
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The largest of our Learning Centres, it comprises two general classrooms, two IT suites, a training flat, a social area and a meeting room for counselling and interviews.

Street parking only.

We also link up with Dundee community organisations to provide courses to suit your needs and interests.
Community learning gives you the chance to learn new things that will be fun and interesting and can give you ideas about further study or help you with your career. These include Taster courses (you gain a College Certificate for completing these) and Certificated courses (including assessments leading to a certificate from SQA).

Our Community Learning Team works with learners of all ages from the community.  We are here to help you find out about and join community courses, short courses in the College, and Flexible IT Learning.

We work in partnership with Discover Learning – a partnership between Dundee and Angus College and Dundee City Council Leisure & Communities Department.

The partnership provides access to learning opportunities in your own neighbourhood, taking into account barriers to learning such as unemployment, childcare arrangements, shift work etc.

You can find out more about learning in your local community on the Discover Learning website. There are many places where you can learn throughout Dundee, so there’s bound to be someplace very near you.

Contact the Dundee Campus Community Learning Team on 01382 834862 or

Business Phone Number: 01674 671686
Angus Cat Rescue
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Here at Angus Cat rescue, we are committed to a single goal; we strive to make the world a better place for cats. A group to help people in crisis with their cats, for help, advice and help with re-homing.

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Business Phone Number: 07982064765
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Angus Cardiac Group
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Angus Cardiac Group is a patient led support group which was established in 1992 with a view to supporting cardiac care and rehabilitation in Angus through member support, social contact, fundraising, partnership working with health professionals and the local authority, and the promotion of patient involvement with the NHS. Membership is not confined to those with coronary heart disease but is open to partners, carers and family members of those with cardiac disease.



Supporting Group members
Facilitating social contact
Raising funds to support the activities of the Group
Working in partnership with health professionals and others
Promoting patient and public involvement with the health service
Actively seeking new member


People with coronary heart/cardiac disease
Partners, carers and family of those with cardiac disease
Involved health professionals
Any person interested in the aims and activities of the Group
Anyone with any other long term condition


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Address: ANGUSalive
Head Office
William Wallace House
Orchardbank Business Park
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The charity ANGUSalive is the culture, sport and leisure trust for the county of Angus and has been operating since 1 December 2015. We are ambitious and aim to provide the best services for our customers.

ANGUSalive offers residents and visitors to Angus a wealth of services which inspire healthy, active and creative lifestyle choices through the use of our sports centres, country parks, theatres and venues, museums, galleries, archives, libraries and ACCESS offices. We have five service areas which form our culture, sport and leisure offering:

Museums, Galleries & Archives
Sport & Leisure
Countryside Adventure
Theatre & Venues

ANGUSalive has almost 500 employees, led by a chief executive and senior management team. The chief executive reports to the ANGUSalive board which comprises of five independent directors and four council directors who are Angus Council elected members.

It promotes, operates and delivers services on behalf of Angus Council.

ANGUSalive is a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland No. SC499155 and is a registered Scottish charity No. SC046133. Registered office Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar, DD8 1AN.

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Business Phone Number: 01307 492600
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Jamie has been working in Active Schools for the past 10 years. He is passionate about sport and loves playing rugby in the winter and getting out on Carnoustie golf links in the summer. Outside of sport he loves exploring the wild landscape of Scotland.

Business Phone Number: 07771506038
DEBRA Montrose
Address: 1-3 High Street
DD10 8LU
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For people whose skin doesn’t work – we do.
DEBRA is the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a painful genetic skin blistering condition which, in the worst cases, can be fatal.

DEBRA was founded in 1978 by Phyllis Hilton whose daughter Debra had EB – the charity was the world’s first EB patient support group.
Our vision:
We have a vision of a world where no one suffers from the painful genetic skin blistering condition, EB.
DEBRA focuses its work in two areas:

We fund pioneering research to find effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for EB.
We provide care and support to improve the quality of life for individuals and families living with EB.

Read more about our work and the principles that govern it in our Research and Care strategy.

Business Phone Number: 01674 677268
Address: 110 High St
DD10 8JE
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Our Montrose Salvation Army shop is situated in the heart of the town centre. We stock menswear, ladies fashions, children’s clothes, linen, books and bric-a-brac. There are bargains to be found for all the family.
The coastal town of Montrose sits between Dundee and Aberdeen and boasts an attractive town centre and a wide sandy beach. Montrose is a great little town to visit, with a pleasant old centre and an interesting museum and art gallery. The town sits on the edge of a virtually landlocked two-mile-square lagoon of mud known as the Basin, which is a nature reserve and a haven for birds who love its mud.

Our Salvation Army shop Montrose is always delighted to accept your donations – all we ask is that they’re good quality and undamaged. Our shop teams are trained to make as much money as possible from your generosity to fund The Salvation Army’s work. We can organise house collections from this shop, just call us to enquire.

Volunteering with us is a challenging and rewarding experience. We have lots of opportunities and are always on the look-out for passionate people to lend a hand. If you’re interested in volunteering with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Business Phone Number: 01674 676498
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Well Bean Cafés


Tuesdays 12-2pm

St Johns Church Hall Green Street Forfar

Thursdays 2.30-4.30pm

Montrose South Church Hall 100 Castle Street Montrose

Locality: Montrose and Forfar

Long Business Description

Community cafés offering safe, alcohol and drug free venues to meet and socialise. Health, wellbeing and recovery are promoted and there is access to self-help resources and professionals from local services. Volunteering opportunities are available for people in recovery who are keen to provide peer support to others and learn new skills.

Website Address –

Facebook – Well Bean Café

Phone Number – 01307 476492/07920 8305

Address: 176 High Street
DD10 8JB
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How to volunteer in this shop
Call the number on this page to find out which roles your local shop has available. As a shop volunteer you are the visible face of the charity and make a big difference to how the public sees us and the work we do. You will help make our shops a success on the high street, meet new people and get retail experience.
What items can I donate?

Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing
Accessories including shoes, belts, handbags and jewellery
Quality homeware – anything from cushions to crockery
Books, CDs and DVDs
Mobile phones and used printer cartridges
Electricals (but please check with your local shop before you donate these)

What not to donate

White goods such as fridges and washing machines
Damaged or broken goods

Please contact your local council if you wish to dispose of these.
How to donate
Find your nearest shop and drop in your donations. Each bag that you donate to us could be worth £25, based on the average bag value, which goes directly to supporting our groundbreaking work.

Business Phone Number: 01674 672890
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