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“Bringing local communities together through a sporting chance!”
“Sport for all”

What is Brechin Community Sport Hub?
The Brechin Community Sport Hub (CSH) is a voluntary organisation made up of 4 sport clubs; Brechin Buccaneers Cricket Club, Parkview Bowling Club, Brechin Pirates Rugby Club and Brechin City Youths Football Club, who aim to work together to promote sporting opportunities to all in Brechin and the surrounding areas.

The Sport Hub works in partnership with the Angus Sport Development team, the Brechin and Montrose Communities Team and other local community organisations.
What are our aims?
The object of the Hub is to encourage participation of the people of Brechin, and the surrounding area, in a variety of sporting activities in a variety of venues; through:-

Promoting sporting activity for all in Brechin.
Identifying needs and options for improving use and access to sporting opportunities in Brechin.
Working with new and existing sports organisations and providers of existing and potential sporting facilities, to enhance the development of sports for the club members and the hub clubs.
Assisting hub clubs with safeguarding existing facilities used by the clubs in Brechin.
Working with local partners in and around Brechin to provide positive experiences for all in sports or hub activities.
Supporting the individual development of sport clubs in Brechin.

Progress So Far
Brechin CSH are running a Friday Night Project for Primary 4’s to Primary 7’s at Andover Primary School starting on Friday 29 April and concluding on Friday 13 May. Look out for more information on BCSH Facebook page and website.

For more information about the work the community sport hub is carrying out or joining the hub please contact the hub using the following links:

Brechin Community Sport Hub on Facebook
Brechin Community Sport Hub Website

or email or telephone 01307 492340

Business Phone Number: 01307 492340
Angus Cat Rescue
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Here at Angus Cat rescue, we are committed to a single goal; we strive to make the world a better place for cats. A group to help people in crisis with their cats, for help, advice and help with re-homing.

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Business Phone Number: 07982064765
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Angus Cardiac Group
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Angus Cardiac Group is a patient led support group which was established in 1992 with a view to supporting cardiac care and rehabilitation in Angus through member support, social contact, fundraising, partnership working with health professionals and the local authority, and the promotion of patient involvement with the NHS. Membership is not confined to those with coronary heart disease but is open to partners, carers and family members of those with cardiac disease.



Supporting Group members
Facilitating social contact
Raising funds to support the activities of the Group
Working in partnership with health professionals and others
Promoting patient and public involvement with the health service
Actively seeking new member


People with coronary heart/cardiac disease
Partners, carers and family of those with cardiac disease
Involved health professionals
Any person interested in the aims and activities of the Group
Anyone with any other long term condition


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Address: ANGUSalive
Head Office
William Wallace House
Orchardbank Business Park
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The charity ANGUSalive is the culture, sport and leisure trust for the county of Angus and has been operating since 1 December 2015. We are ambitious and aim to provide the best services for our customers.

ANGUSalive offers residents and visitors to Angus a wealth of services which inspire healthy, active and creative lifestyle choices through the use of our sports centres, country parks, theatres and venues, museums, galleries, archives, libraries and ACCESS offices. We have five service areas which form our culture, sport and leisure offering:

Museums, Galleries & Archives
Sport & Leisure
Countryside Adventure
Theatre & Venues

ANGUSalive has almost 500 employees, led by a chief executive and senior management team. The chief executive reports to the ANGUSalive board which comprises of five independent directors and four council directors who are Angus Council elected members.

It promotes, operates and delivers services on behalf of Angus Council.

ANGUSalive is a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland No. SC499155 and is a registered Scottish charity No. SC046133. Registered office Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar, DD8 1AN.

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Business Phone Number: 01307 492600
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James is the newest member of the Active Schools team, joining in 2019 after 3 years as Cricket Development Officer for Dundee & Angus.

He loves watching and taking part in sport and continues to play and coach cricket for Strathmore C.C. during the summer months.

Outside sport he enjoys travelling and working on the family farm when back in Northern Ireland

Business Phone Number: 07771506039
Address: 102 High Street
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We offer a much needed day service to the elderly and their carers/ family within Brechin and the local area.

Business Phone Number: 01356 625501
The Salvation Army Brechin
Address: Southesk Terrace
Business Phone Number: 01356 622813
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Address: 19 Clerk Street
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The Attic offers a safe and friendly environment for young people with music, pool and internet access.

Business Phone Number: 01356 625099
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About Us

The purpose of the group is to establish Brechin as a visitor and tourist destination in Scotland, the UK and abroad.

Our role and aim within the local community is to encourage businesses, retailers, voluntary sector and individuals to work together to develop, organise and promote events and activities for the benefit of the local community and the wider area.

Our 4 main events within the town are;

Easter in the City

Pageant in the City (the first Saturday in June)

Hallowe’en in the City

Christmas in the City

These events are organised by committees of volunteers to make the most of our City.


10 Reasons to join a Community Group like BRAVO Brechin 

IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH Studies show that having a good social network extends your life, keeps you healthy, and staves off mental deterioration.
YOU MEET NEW FRIENDS Get to know new people and work with them on things you all care about. How many people have met their future partners at an event.
YOU MAKE NEW CONTACTS Keeping your network in good repair helps you to see opportunities when they come up and gives you people to call when you need help.
YOU LEARN NEW SKILLS You can learn workplace skills from being a volunteer. You can learn governance skills – committee management, business planning – from joining a committee.
IT’S GOOD FOR THE COMMUNITY The more people work together and get to be familiar with the way things work around the area, the more people support each other through the tough times.
YOU CAN FOLLOW YOUR INTERESTS Whatever you like to do, there are other people out there who like it too. Join a group and you can share your passion.
YOU CAN BUILD UP YOUR CV If you’re applying for a tertiary place, or a new job, or a new relationship, it helps to be able to point to the unselfish efforts you’re putting in for the community.
YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO WIN YOUR BATTLES Experience in operating as part of a community group gives you the tools you need to get your voice heard in the centres of power.
YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE We all want to make Brechin and Angus to be a better place, and it doesn’t need to be a huge commitment on your part – every hour of help or support counts!
IT’S GOOD FOR THE COUNTY Angus needs a strong civil society, for local and central government can’t run everything and people need to manage their own organisations for community goals.

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Scouts East of Scotland
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Our demographic covers the Local Authority Areas of Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross.  We have 6,257 youngsters enjoying Scouting across the Region, ably assisted by 2,106 Adult volunteers.
We are the third-largest of the eight Regions in Scotland, just behind Clyde and South-East Scotland.   
We have ten local Districts that are responsible for supporting the 370 Sections that deliver Scouting locally.  Links to these ten Districts (Arbroath & Montrose, Dundee, Dunfermline, Glenrothes & Levenmouth, Kirkcaldy, North Angus, North-East Fife, Perth & Kinross, Rosyth and South Angus) are given on the Districts Section of this website so if you need to contact one of them please use the contact information provided there.
The Districts are responsible for supporting the Progressive Training Scheme that all our young people follow and which links well with the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence programme. 
Our Badges and Awards encourage Successful Learning; our focus on the outdoors and residential experiences encourages Confident Individuals; our youth involvement policy encourages Effective Contributors; and our superb Community Impact projects develop Responsible Citizens.

Unfortunately, we have a lack of willing adult volunteers and as a result we have over 500 youngsters on Waiting Lists, desperate to join their friends in the adventures that we provide, but who are unable to do so.
We are fully committed to flexible volunteering, so whatever little time that you have or skills that you can offer, we’ll be delighted to make use of them.
Please use the JOIN tab on this website to express your interest in becoming involved.

The Regional Team are responsible for supporting Districts with some of the specialist functions – Adult Training; Adventurous Activities, Communications; Development; Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, International; and Youth Involvement.  Much of their role is in sharing best practice and providing guidance and advice based on their experience. 
We have a Closed Facebook Group that all adults with roles within the Region are encouraged to be members of and we use it to share ideas and advertise opportunities or resources that would benefit Scouting locally. 

Life-changing adventure and skills for life is what Scouting is all about. Scouting helps young people acquire practical, character and employability skills including:  


These are the Skills that Parents (and Employers) consider it’s important for young people to gain.

We know that those who are members of Scouting locally are gaining these skills and that we are contributing to their personal development, but we would like to be able to offer Scouting to more young people across East Scotland in the years ahead.   

Scouting is a part of our communities, not apart from it and each year contributes substantially to local charities and to local environmental projects and you can read more about this great work in regular newsletters and our Annual Reviews.   

If you are looking to contact Scouting, but are unsure of the most appropriate person to approach, please use this website and the Regional Team will endeavour to identify who can help you.

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Business Phone Number: 01382 419073
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Address: 14 St David Street
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RH-hairdressing, We work hard to ensure the needs of our clients are met, we constantly keep up with the latest trends, techniques and technology!

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Business Phone Number: 01356626120
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“People have problems which can overwhelm them and cause distress of varying degrees and many have no-one to talk to as they have a limited support circle or they can’t share e.g. family worries with family members” (NHS Tayside GP)

Based in Health and Social Care contexts, Do You Need to Talk is a service that promotes wellbeing by offering an active listening service. The service helps people explore their deepest hurts and draw strength from their own inner resources and those of the communities of support around them.

The service is a short term, early intervention model of person-centred, assets based listening with the aim of promoting personal and communal wellbeing.

“I came away with a feeling of optimism. I have since taken positive steps to make some changes in my like, which have improved my mental and emotional wellbeing.” (NHS Tayside patient)

For more information please contact


Business Phone Number: 07967 771 941
Address: 42 Drumachlie Park
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Bringing rugby to boys and girls aged 2-80!

Business Phone Number: 07803246346
Address: 110 Restenneth Drive, Forfar, Angus
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STRIDE is a registered charity (SC044225) which aims to relieve poverty and alleviate suffering of African people in Angus and Dundee city, Scotland and the wider UK.

STRIDE organises and coordinates events aimed at bringing together both African people and other people in the local neighbourhoods in planning on things like local community engagement activities, gardening activities, helping young people with career choices, signposting Africans to other agencies for support with problems such as abuse, gender-based violence, mental health and other social/economic problems.

STRIDE predominantly works in Angus and Dundee city councils.

Social isolation and loneliness are major causes of mental health problems and other anti-social problems amongst inter-generational African people in Angus and Dundee city. Due to their migratory pattern, some African families are isolated due to lack of extended families for support and lack of a community project to bring them together.

Business Phone Number: +447824825612
Brechin City Hall
Address: 9 Swan Street Brechin
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Brechin City Hall Users Group have taken on the day to day running of the Brechin City Hall where local groups and individual can hire the hall for meetings, regular group bookings, parties, weddings etc. It is run by the community for the community.

Business Phone Number: 07889792026
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Angus Council Place team have opportunities for volunteers of all ages and walks of life to help students attending  their English evening classes to improve their English skills.

The ESOL Buddy Project is designed to give volunteers from the local community the opportunity to meet a student from another country and learn more about their life and culture. The student gains the opportunity to improve their spoken English skills and better integrate in the community, progress at work or to further education.

Typically the volunteer and the student meet once a week for about two hours in a public place – a café or library – at a time that suits them both for a chat about their lives and families – a ‘blether’ as we would say! There is no need to know another language or be a grammar expert. The project is run to improve informal English and strengthen contacts in the community.

The project has been running for over three years and many volunteers have enjoyed the experience and made good friends. Students have made great progress by engaging with community groups and leisure activities that they did not have the confidence to embark on, as well as making progress at work or study.

We have opportunities in Forfar, Arbroath, Brechin and Montrose.

Opportunities also exist to volunteer in the classroom as a teaching assistant. This has helped many volunteers gain the experience they need to follow on from a TEFL qualification or similar.

If you are interested or would like to find out more about this project please get in touch with Neil Paterson Communities Officer at:

Angus Cycle Hub
Address: 33 Market Place
DD11 1HR
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Angus Cycle Hub Community Interest Company is a social enterprise partly run by volunteers and dedicated to supporting and developing cycling.  The project encourages people to lead healthier lives and reduce short car journeys and co2 emissions in Angus through cycling.


provide cycling, Bikeability and Bike Maintenance coaching and training
organise cycling and MTB events and workshop
run social and guided rides
have a community cycle hub and bike recycling workshops
provide local cycling information  
provide bike hire 
offer skills track hire
offer second hand and recycled bike sales
clothing, parts and accessories 

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Business Phone Number: 01241 873 500
Angus Active Schools
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Volunteering opportunities

Active Schools provides a number of exciting volunteer opportunities to those interested in sport or physical activity. Through volunteering with Active Schools you can help out your local school and community as well as gain valuable experience of coaching and working with children and young people.

could you help?
do you have a little time to spare?
could you help lead activities for children?
would you like to gain a qualification in coaching sport or leading other activities?

If so, then think about volunteering with the Angus Active Schools team.

Active Schools relies heavily on volunteers to assist with and run various clubs around Angus. You don’t have to be sporty to lend a hand – just enthusiastic! We are looking for people to help out with a range of activities. From woodland walks to after-school sports clubs – there is something for volunteers of all ages and abilities. The time commitment is up to you and training will be provided.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is an ideal way to get involved in sport and physical activity, develop new skills and stay engaged in a sport. Volunteering can be a rewarding activity which helps you to meet new people and take on new challenges through roles such as coaching or administration.  There are many reasons to volunteer in sport – volunteers make sport happen and create the next generation of sporting stars.  You could be giving back but you’ll also be helping make sport happen, without people like you, sport would not work!

sense of achievement
use your existing skills and learn new skills valuable in other areas of employment
satisfaction of doing something within your own community
receive training
gain qualifications
free Disclosure Scotland PVG (normally £60.00)

What skills can I expect to gain and develop?

Sport is looking for enthusiastic and confident people just like you to take on a variety of roles.  And sport will give back to you too!  Did you know that being involved in a sports club can give you the same energy boost as having a pay rise?

Skills and qualities you could expect to develop:

self esteem
speaking to groups
managing accounts and budgeting
event organisation

t: @ActiveSchAngus

Business Phone Number: 07771506042
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We are a charitable organisation dedicated to providing the opportunity for everyone in the local community of the Strathmore Valley, including Forfar, Kirriemuir and Brechin, regardless of previous experience and ability, to participate in rugby and other physical exercise to enhance fitness levels, improve diet, instill discipline, teach respect and promote a sense of community and belonging.

We run a Rugby Academy for pupils from Brechin High School, Forfar Academy and Websters High School on Friday afternoons during term time at Strathmore RFC. We also run Walking Rugby sessions and we are developing inclusive rugby.

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Victim Support Angus
Address: Victim Support Angus
1st Floor Merrin House
50 East Abbey Street
DD11 1EN
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Victim Support provides free and confidential practical and emotional support and advice for anyone who has been affected by crime.  Victim Support has a community service for victims and anyone affected by crime and also a Witness Service who provide support to all witnesses in court.

Business Phone Number: 01241 878507
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